UC.EDU Artworks story featuring Jason of WHBV

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Check out this great article in UC.edu about the murals around Cincinnati featuring the Ezzard Charles Mural WHBV worked on, nice pic of Jason from WHBV buddy Andrew Higley.

UC.edu, Jason Snell of WHBV with the Ezz mural, photo by Andrew Higley

UC.edu, Jason Snell of WHBV with the Ezz mural, photo by Andrew Higley

Our First App is LIVE!

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We're very excited to launch our very first app today, the Brewing Heritage Trail App, on the Google App Store and the iOS App Store.

The Official Brewing Heritage Trail App. Relive Cincinnati’s rich brewing history and ignite Interactive Experiences that begin the moment you start visiting sites along Cincinnati’s Brewing Heritage Trail. The Brewing Heritage Trail App expands the experience of visiting Cincinnati’s Brewing Heritage Trail 24/7 via unique digital activations and storytelling assets including:

• 360-degree Photography
• Interactive, 360-degree photography of The Crown Brewing Company “lagering cellar” transports Digital Trail users below E McMicken Ave. to experience where beer was fermented, aged and stored.
• Audio Tour
• Digital Activations, photos and audible storytelling transform the self-guided, nine-stop ‘Behind The Beer: Scandals’ tour into an immersive and interactive experience.
• Augmented Reality Video - An Augmented Reality Video transports Digital Trail users throughout all levels of the former Crown Brewing Company for a powerful, immersive experience.
• Interactive Map - Sourcing a Digital Trail user’s current location, the Interactive Map is the Central feature of the app. The map highlights trail segments, stops and points of interest containing additional storytelling assets.
• Points of Interest - The Interactive Map contains useful visitor information such as Parking, Restroom and Streetcar stop locations.

More Cincinnati Brewing History - In addition to igniting the Digital Trail with immersive experiences, there are links to connect you to Brewing Heritage Trail website pages containing useful information about events, merchandise and ways to support the trail.

Getting some nice love from THRILLIST.com!

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Published On 12/16/2016 @mmeltrez

Cincinnati, Ohio

Underground brewing history gets a high-tech urban beer tour.
Though it's no Milwaukee (who is, really?) Cincinnati has some of the richest brewing heritage of any US city. Finally the town has put together a Brewing Heritage Trail that'll stand against any beer tour in America. It takes visitors through the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, once a hub for German immigrants to the city, and through historic old breweries and down into the bowels of Cincinnati to the tunnels and cellars brewers used generations ago.

You like drinking? You like history? You like tech toys? Well then get you to Bengals country, fella. On the tour you'll download an app that walks you through 2.3 miles of city streets, from Over-the-Rhine to Pendleton to Downtown, with narration from different characters from the area's rich 19th-century brewing culture -- beer barons, brewery workers -- making the experience unique wherever you stop. Along the way you'll find new public art and storefronts equipped with interactive screens to display images and maps of the city in its beery heyday.

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Ezzard Charles (In-Progress) Cincinnati Mural / Artworks

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In-Progress look at our illustration and design for the second "Legends" series for Artworks MuralWorks taking place this summer, 2015 in Over-the-Rhine Cincinnati, Ohio. This will be Artworks official 100th Mural.

Ezzard Mack Charles (July 7, 1921 – May 28, 1975) was an American professional boxer and former World Heavyweight Champion.

Charles defeated numerous Hall of Fame fighters in three different weight classes. He retired with a record of 93 wins, 25 losses and 1 draw

He was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, but is commonly thought of as a Cincinnatian. Charles graduated from Woodward High School in Cincinnati where he was already becoming a well-known fighter. Known as "The Cincinnati Cobra", Charles fought many notable opponents in both the light heavyweightand heavyweight divisions, eventually winning a championship in the latter. Although he never won the Light Heavyweight title, The Ring has rated him as the greatest light heavyweight of all time