Photo by Hailey Bollinger.

Photo by Hailey Bollinger.

THE Vikings Lounge



The Vikings Lounge Series is a monthly concert series hosted by We Have Become Vikings. We invite local and national acts to join us for a free, monthly, all-ages matinee, from 5–8pm where artists perform a stripped down set and interview. The series is a great opportunity for us to design and organize these events for the public which showcase and make accessible one of our greatest passions, independent music.


We design and print limited edition tee shirts and posters for every artist who performs at The Vikings Lounge. The tee shirts are given out right to the artists in a fair-trade for their time and expertise which they can sell, take on the road, and keep all of the proceeds of course. At WHBV, we're in bands and love to help bands—we understand that selling one more tee or poster can get a band to the next city, a next meal. Like AC/DC said, "It's a Long Way to the Top, if you want to Rock N' Roll." Support Rock N' Roll, and support creative talent. 

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The Challenge

To create a limited edition graphic or illustration unique to each artist who performs in the series which are used to merchandise and marketing the events. Each event requires all hands on deck for talent correspondence and handling, running the sound, craft services, photography, and general programming.


Poster Design & Print

To commemorate and advertise each month’s event, we design a poster that can be used for the tee shirt graphic as well. We spend time researching not only the artist’s recordings but the artist themselves. We ask for a list of words that inspire them and we let the magic start there.


Onsite digital Video

We support the not only the music and the art, its really about the culture and the life and breath that these amazing bands bring to WHBV, we couldn’t be more excited to share.

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Black Planet 8.31.18 instagram.jpg

Final Friday

Photos from a few of the events at The Vikings Lounge. Photographer: Hailey Bollinger.