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Started in 2007 by Jason Snell, WHBV creates everything from identities, motion graphics, videos, posters, websites, publications, broadcast packages, illustrations, photography, to name a few. We call Cincinnati home, and our clients range from companies on the Fortune 100 list to small coffee shops in our own neighborhood. Our creations happen through asking questions, working hard, and allowing for the discovery process to excite and inspire us.

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The We Have Become Vikings Journal, our new work and blog postings.

Welcome the new partner, Brandon Hickle

Jason Snell

We Have Become Vikings is proud to announce we will be partnering with Southpaw Prints to now offer full­-service digital and print design, as well as full printing capabilities, animation, branding, identity, web, interactive, environmental, and soft goods. WHBV plans to expand our services in the OTR neighborhood ­offering not only more creative job opportunities but the involvement of the OTR community in interactive storefronts, collaborations and a gallery shop in which to sell creative curated goods. We look forward to taking on an even more responsible active neighborhood involvement in OTR and Cincinnati, focusing local and delivering nationally.

Brandon started his own company, Southpaw Prints in 2006, where he designs and prints for numerous clients in and around Cincinnati to across the country. Small Batch, limited­ edition screen printing has become Southpaw’s bread and butter in the time of great appreciation for handmade goods. Southpaw’s capabilities have grown to handle large production runs for clients with greater needs with such clients as Instrument Skateboards, WNKU, Neltner Small Batch, Revive Skateboards and Braxton Brewing Co. Brandon started Southpaw Prints in the heart of OTR and is excited to return with a larger impact and connection to the community.

Combining our efforts, We Have Become Vikings is now positioned to carve a unique space in the digital and print creative world in and outside Cincinnati. What makes WHBV so different in the creative community is not only our incredible body of work but also our expertise in both print and digital and our passion for our neighbors and community.