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Started in 2007 by Jason Snell, WHBV creates everything from identities, motion graphics, videos, posters, websites, publications, broadcast packages, illustrations, photography, to name a few. We call Cincinnati home, and our clients range from companies on the Fortune 100 list to small coffee shops in our own neighborhood. Our creations happen through asking questions, working hard, and allowing for the discovery process to excite and inspire us.


No Age Tape, WHBV001


No Age Tape, WHBV001


WHBV-001 / No Age 175ct unreleased cassette tape w/WHBV and V+V

This cassette tape was created as a part of a live performance by No Age in Cincinnati, Ohio September 9th, 2013 at the Contemporary Arts Center in Collaboration with Visionaries + Voices, We Have Become Vikings and the Contemporary Arts Center.

All music courtesy of No Age.

Cassette artwork by Visionaries + Voices artists Dale Johnson
Designed by We Have Become Vikings
Printed by Cryptogram

No Age is Randy Randall and Dean Spunt

Side A
1. Locked In
2. Inclusion

Side B
1. Samson

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