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We are a multi-discipline creative team of hellraisers helping people to tell incredible stories through the lens of extraordinary.

WHBV is a digital and print design shop specializing in brand identity, illustration and motion - we design experiences, helping communities & brands tell their stories with passion, pride & social sustainability.


Skeleton Hands / Ohio Knife Split 45 WHBV002


Skeleton Hands / Ohio Knife Split 45 WHBV002

5.00 7.00

No Clear God 3:35 / Ohio Knife
Keyboards: Andrew Higley
Guitar & Vox: Jason Snell
Drums: Joe Suer
Bass: Scotty Wood
Backing Vox: Beth Harris, Maria Seda-Reeder
Mixed by: Jason Snell, Joe Suer

Skeleton Hands / Pride (7” Version) 5:33
Vox, Guitar, Programming: Evan Scott Sharfe
Lead Guitar: Chase Anderson
Produced & Mixed by: Evan Scott Sharfe
Written by: Sharfe/Anderson

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