Bonnie Lou / King Records 75th Anniversary Series 1 Posters

Bonnie Lou / King Records 75th Anniversary Series 1 Posters


18” x 24” French Paper
Hand signed and numbered
Limited Edition

Celebrate the King: The Gala on August 25th, 2018 will be a special night for King Records and the City of Cincinnati. With Memorial Hall as the home of the 75th anniversary gala for King Records, we take a look back to remember the inventive talent, the many genres of music created by all different types of artists and musicians from around America creating and leading the charge, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It will be a night of stories and performances, a gathering of musicians and artists, a reunion of family and friends. We will open the doors for the next generation of King Records fans.

On this night, we will showcase many King Records voices from Cincinnati and beyond. There will be videos that highlight artists and musicians. There will be many musicians and performances backed by the incredible School of Rock, featuring some of Cincinnati's most talented youth artists with special cameo appearances by King Records recording artists, family and friends. We will also be celebrating four Lifetime Achievement Awards. We highlight these amazing artists here below. We look forward to this magical night, we cannot wait to celebrate and share with you. 

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