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Started in 2007 by Jason Snell, WHBV creates everything from identities, motion graphics, videos, posters, websites, publications, broadcast packages, illustrations, photography, to name a few. We call Cincinnati home, and our clients range from companies on the Fortune 100 list to small coffee shops in our own neighborhood. Our creations happen through asking questions, working hard, and allowing for the discovery process to excite and inspire us.

SHP Brand Value

SHP Leading Design


The SHP Brand Value

When asked to refresh SHP Leading Design, we wanted to ask the employees about the brand and its values, especially around the logo and the brand's personality.


If you could take a few minutes and help us learn more about SHP Leading Design and you, the greatest asset of all at SHP Leading Design, the employee. We ask you to submit by end of day Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. Thank you for your time and efforts.