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We are a multi-discipline creative team of hellraisers helping people to tell incredible stories through the lens of extraordinary.

WHBV is a digital and print design shop specializing in brand identity, illustration and motion - we design experiences, helping communities & brands tell their stories with passion, pride & social sustainability.


Virgin America

Illustration, Design, Strategy & Digital

In late 2012, Virgin America approached We Have Become Vikings for assistance in developing the story and a theme for their 2013 Refresh event and executing it through print and digital components. The project included an infomural, an iPad game application, and several additional print and digital components developed to assist Virgin America in celebrating, educating, and motivating their employees. All components for the project were planned and designed within a two week timeframe.

To create one of the primary pieces, a 320 square foot infomural, We Have Become Vikings worked with Virgin America to identify important topics, events, and data points to be included in the giant graphic. Once the key components were selected, WHBV developed a visual theme, based on teamwork and childhood board games, to display the information in a logically and visually cohesive manner while inspiring a light but competitive team-oriented atmosphere.

WHBV extended the board game theme to an iPad game application used in a key employee training session at the Refresh event. The app allowed Virgin America employees to test out several strategies to see how their decisions affected company earnings.

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