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We are a multi-discipline creative team of hellraisers helping people to tell incredible stories through the lens of extraordinary.

WHBV is a digital and print design shop specializing in brand identity, illustration and motion - we design experiences, helping communities & brands tell their stories with passion, pride & social sustainability.


We are a multi-discipline creative team of hellraisers helping people to tell incredible stories through the lens of extraordinary.

WHBV is a digital and print design shop specializing in brand identity, illustration and motion - we design experiences by helping communities & businesses tell their stories through brand strategy & social sustainability. 

Evanston's Listermann Brewing Co. to Release Limited King Records Beer

Jason Snell

Thanks CITYBEAT for the great write-up on this wonderful beer series we worked on with #KingStudios and @Listermann

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 5.04.27 PM.png

What’s a big-time Cincinnati happening without a beer in its honor? Listermann Brewing Co. reveals a special brew on Sept. 1 in honor of September's King Records Month and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic Evanston record label — whose historic building is located just down the street from the brewery.

The beer, named "The King of Them All," is a tribute to King alumni, including label founder Syd Nathan. The beer will be on tap at the brewery for all of September and will also be available in a collectible four pack with can art featuring Nathan; Henry Glover, one of the industry's first African-American executives; Seymour Stein, founder of Sire Records (who discovered The Ramones, Talking Heads, Pretenders and more) and protege of Nathan; and Little Willie John, a King R&B recording artist. Local design/print studio We Have Become Vikings designed the cans.

The beer is a New England-style IPA "accessible to all types of beer drinkers, with very little bitterness and highlighting flavors that are reminiscent of the orchard; citrus, strawberries, mangoes, pears, apples, and light florals," says a Listermann release.

The release launches at 10 a.m. Saturday (Sept. 1) at the taproom at 1621 Dana Ave., Evanston. Ten percent of beer proceeds will go to benefit King Studios and its preservation efforts.

As for King, Nathan put his plan to launch a record label into action in September of 1943, enlisting Country music entertainers Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis to record the first music for the venture, which Nathan dubbed “King Records.” To mark the beginning of what would become one of the most crucial record labels in the history of music, Cincinnati has been celebrating King Records Month in September for the past several years.

In honor of the 75th anniversary of those first King sessions, this year’s celebration is too big to contain in just one month, getting an early start this week and with exhibits and other events extending through the end of 2018.

For more information on the beer release, visit

Listermann brewing Stanley Brothers beer this month

Jason Snell

Listermann Brewing Company in Cincinnati is launching a special tribute beer this weekend in honor of the upcoming 75th anniversary of King Records, a Cincinnati institution. The beer is a New England style IPA titled Hide Away/Train 45, for popular singles recorded in town by two stellar artists, Freddie King and The Stanley Brothers.

Previously this summer, Listermann had produced tribute brews for another King artist, James Brown, leading up to city’s celebration of King Studios in September. Cincinnati has taken over management of the old King property, and 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the special King-themed beers will be donated to the King Studios project.

A local artist has created special collectible cans for Hide Away/Train 45, which will be sold in 4 packs with two cans showcasing Freddie and two highlighting the Stanleys. Listermann, who specializes in products and supplies for home brewers, used their El Dorado, Centennial and Belma hops to create this brew.

The official launch will be at the brewery this Saturday (8/4) at 10:00 a.m., where the beer will be offered in the 16 oz cans, and on tap. Listermann is located just a few blocks from the old King Studios.

Head brewer Jared Lewinski told The Cincinnati Enquirer that they feel honored to be a part of this celebration.

“King Records is an important American cultural treasure, and we have all benefited from its existence. We, at Listermann, truly are thankful to have this opportunity to help shine a light on part of the history of what makes the heartbeat of America so wonderful.”

If you are in the Cincinnati region, raise a glass on Saturday to Freddie King and The Stanley Brothers!

Listermann Brewing Company and King Records team up for new beer

Jason Snell


Two Cincinnati institutions are teaming up for a new beer.

Listermann Brewing Company and King Records will launch a new beer to honor blues and bluegrass music at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Listermann’s, located at 1621 Dana Ave., just blocks from the former site of King Records on Brewster Avenue.

"This tribute beer is part of a summer beer series that the brewery has developed in partnership with King Studios and the design and print shop We Have Become Vikings to celebrate the upcoming 75th anniversary of King Records in Evanston," the brewery said in a statement.

This month’s beer honors two hitmakers, Freddie King and the Stanley Brothers. 

"In 1961, Freddie King’s 'Hide Away' reached number five on the R&B chart and then crossed over to the Pop chart, reaching number 29. 'Train 45' was the flip side of the Stanley Brothers’ very first single for King, released 60 years ago in fall 1958," the statement said. 

Learn more

"A Bolt of Lightning"

Jason Snell

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 8.58.38 PM.png

Thanks Cincinnati Refined and Brian Planalp

You hear it across the country, in San Fransisco, Austin, and New York. There’s a business that isn’t really a business. They work like they’re making up for lost time. And they’re not just profiting. No, they’re really doing something, something authentic, something different.

Nowadays you hear it here, too. There’s a business that’s putting Cincinnati on the line—the blue collar spirit, the storytelling impulse, the drive to restoration. They’ve got attitude. They’ve got hustle. And they’re not just profiting. No, they’re standing up for the city’s arts, for its communities, and for its long-buried past.

DAAP grads Jason Snell and Brandon Hickle own that very business in Over-the-Rhine. It’s called We Have Become Vikings and it's invigorating Cincinnati's creative scene in the best way possible.


The name is a bit different, obviously. Snell picked it in 2008 when he discovered the term ‘branding’ comes from the Viking practice of, well, branding family crests into sword hilts and ship lumber. Hence the name—We Have Become Vikings—which traces a succinct genealogy of the modern world.

Today, of course, everything around us is branded, from the pencil on your desk to the device you’re using to read this. Branding isn’t just illustrations anymore, either. It’s every method of interaction and it’s growing more important as it grows more ubiquitous.

That's why Snell and Hickle decided to work together. They merged companies in 2015, combining WHBV with Southpaw Prints. Now Snell’s design acumen and Hickle’s printing prowess reside under the same roof, so they're able to offer all-in-one branding services alongside custom silkscreen printing on shirts, posters, bags, and packaged goods.

They have a retail space, too. It’s like a punk version of Cincy Shirts, with Cincinnati-themed designs ranging from the nostalgic to the macabre. Definitely worth visiting, and not just because you might happen upon live music courtesy of WHBV’s incipient music label.

Yes, you can add music cultivation to printing and branding in the sense of what WHBV’s does when I say they’re really doing something.

You can add hometown cheerleader, too, as Cincinnati occupies a special place in the hearts of these two creatives. And they’re not shy about it. Remember the Charley Harper showcase at Lumenocity several years ago? That was WHBV. Snell painstakingly repurposed Harper’s original works into whimsical animations. The result was so perfectly executed, it will likely be remembered alongside the original works themselves.

Then there’s the Ezzard Charles and Cincinnati Strong Man murals Snell designed for Artworks...

...and the designs WHBV creates for bands and concert venues to keep local acts going

...and the work WHBV is doing for the Over-the-Rhine Brewing District/Brewing Heritage Tour

...and the work it did for the headquarters of The Brandery

...and, not to mention, the WHBV locale itself, a radiant homage to culture in the city’s most culturally significant neighborhood.

But why? Why the devotion to Cincinnati? Why the hometown hustle? Listen to Snell and Hickle for a moment and you’ll know. They're convinced Cincinnati has a story worth telling—a brand worth paying attention to—and WHBV is how they're getting the word out.

They're more than entrepreneurs after all. They're vikings. And Cincinnati is Valhalla.

Celebrate King Records at Listermann

Jason Snell

Please Please Please Come Celebrate Cincinnati's Acquisition of King Records Site in Evanston with Special Beer

King Studios, Listermann Brewing Company and design/print shop We Have Become Vikings will release Hops, Hops, Hops beer at 10 a.m. on May 5
APR 26, 2018 11 AM
Listermann Brewing Company, King Studios and design/print studio We Have Become Vikings today announced they'll launch a beer celebrating the city's recent acquisition of the King Records property in Evanston. It will also honor this year's 75th anniversary of the famous but long-departed record company, which recorded Blues, Country and R&B classics by James Brown, Hank Ballard, Moon Mullican, the Stanley Brothers and many more.

The beer will be released at 10 a.m. on May 5 at Listermann, located at 1621 Dana Ave. near the site of the old King Records headquarters. It is being called Hops, Hops, Hops, and is described in a press release as a  "New England-style IPA brewed with El Dorado, Citra and Centennial hops." The release also quotes Jared Lewinski, Listermann's head brewer, as saying the beer has “flavors of oranges, peaches and pears that give this light bodied NE IPA a big punch of fruitiness and juice.”

It will be available on tap at the brewery and sold in four-pack 16-ounce cans for $14.99, with 10 percent of proceeds being donated to King Studios. The latter's website describes it as being "inspired by the legacy of King Records and fueled by the academic investment and economic development of nearby Xavier University, (featuring) the dynamic integration of music and arts education, entrepreneurial training, and cultural history."

Leading up to King Records Month in September, Listermann will produce beers honoring King musicians, such as Country/Rockabilly singer (and local television personality) Bonnie Lou ("Daddy-o”)  and Philip Paul, the studio drummer who played on over 350 recordings.

For more information, visit

King Records + Listermann + WHBV Beer Series!

Jason Snell


Craft beer news website updated daily


Celebrating King Records 75th anniversary on May 5th

(Cincinnati, OH) — King Studios is partnering with Listermann Brewing Company along with the design & print shop We Have Become Vikings to celebrate the recent acquisition of the King Records property by the City of Cincinnati and the upcoming 75th  anniversary of King Records in Evanston. 

Come join the party starting at 10am at Listermann Brewing Company, located just blocks from the site of King Records headquarters on Saturday May 5th , 2 days after the 85th  birthday of James Brown, who recorded for King for 15 years, producing some of his biggest hits and playing a major role in the development of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop. 

The beer being released is called Hops, Hops, Hops and is a New England style IPA brewed with El Dorado, Citra and Centennial hops. This beer has “flavors of oranges, peaches and pears that give this light bodies NE IPA a big punch of fruitiness and juice” described by Jared Lewinski, head brewer of Listermann Brewing Company. This beer will be available on tap at the brewery and sold in 4 pack 16 oz cans for $14.99 with 10% of the beer proceeds generously being donated to King Studios. 

The event will be a launch party for a summer-long celebration of King Records’ history leading up to September, which is King Records Month. This year marks the 75th  anniversary of Syd Nathan establishing his record company in Cincinnati. Throughout the summer, Listermann Brewing will be producing a series of beers honoring musicians who recorded at King. From the 1940s to the 1970s, the label recorded a diverse catalog of American Music including Country, R& B, Rockabilly, Doo-Wop, Blues, Bluegrass, and Funk.  

This series will explore these various genres by honoring musicians who recorded their music at King — from beloved Bonnie Lou, one of the first Country artists to cross over to Rockabilly in 1955 with her hit “Daddy-o” to Philip Paul, the legendary studio drummer at King who played on over 350 recordings with such R &B greats as Hank Ballard, Little Willie John and Tiny Bradshaw. Each month two musicians will be unveiled with a beer launch taking place on the first Saturday of each month throughout the summer. 

We Have Become Viking have been commissioned to design a portrait of each musician being honored. We Have Become Vikings were the creators of King City, the art installation that celebrated Syd Nathan’s company during the wildly popular Blink Festival in October 2017 in downtown Cincinnati. 

In honor of James Brown’s birthday this year, remember to “say “Please Please Please” to your bartender! 

About Listermann Brewing Company

Listermann Brewing Company is a family owned brewery and homebrew supply store located at 1621 Dana Avenue . The home brew store has been operating since 1991 and the brewery has been brewing award winning beers for the city since 2008.

For more information on Listermann Brewing Company events, news, and products visit  and @ListermannBrewing on social media.

About King Studios

King Studios is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expose and energize the legacy of Cincinnati’s historic King Records and to share its rich history in contemporary ways that engage the community and the world in the legacy of King. For more information on King Studios, visit

About We Have Become Vikings

We Have Become Vikings is a multi-discipline design & print shop located in the heart of Over-the-Rhine that helps people tell stories through any means possible. Visit their website

Celebrating the new Viking Lounge and WHBV Radio

Jason Snell


We've been hiding out, preparing for our latest and greatest work and collaboration. This Friday, March 30th at the WHBV shop in Over the Rhine, we celebrate 3 years on Walnut Street, and with that, we've invited some friends to share in the festivities. Swim Team, will be our first band to play the Viking Lounge Series, we kick off at 5p. We will have food, new merch and spirits from our buddies at Platform Beer Co. Check out for more insight!

WHBV_Radio_Lounge_StickerSheet_03.22.18_02_Radio Main 2.png
WHBV_Radio_Lounge_StickerSheet_03.22.18_Lounge Main.jpg

We Have Become Vikings is OTR’s One-Stop Branding Shop

Jason Snell

Cincinnati Magazine By Justin WIlliams

“Idon’t know of too many places that do what we do, where we can do the design and the printing and do it with community-minded means,” says Jason Snell, co-owner of We Have Become Vikings. He and fellow owner Brandon Hickle are sitting in the back office of their Over-the-Rhine design and screenprinting shop, which opened on the corner of Walnut and 14th Streets in April 2016.

 Photography by Jeremy Kramer

Photography by Jeremy Kramer

There’s nothing particularly maverick-y about a graphic design company in Cincinnati—or a screenprinting operation, for that matter. It’s the all-in-one package offered by the multihyphenate firm that makes them stand out. They can do everything for you right here, under one roof, without all the corporate red tape. All while you browse for T-shirts and hats.

Snell spent years working for design agencies in Seattle, Austin, New York City, and Cincinnati before hanging his shingle with We Have Become Vikings back in 2008. (“I just wanted a crazy name,” says Snell. “Vikings are rad, and I learned that the term ‘branding’ came from Vikings.”) He started with a tiny, secluded office on Vine Street, but craved a more visible, hands-on presence, which led to teaming with Hickle, who previously ran Southpaw Prints. They both recognized the inherent convenience of combining design and screenprinting forces. “I looked at this big-agency model and felt like it wasn’t sustainable sometimes, because stuff takes so long to get done,” says Snell. “We can design and prototype something and do it fast.” That solution is as advantageous for Fortune 500s like P&G on a tight deadline as it is for the coffee shop around the corner that needs new merch, stat.

 Photography by Jeremy Kramer

Photography by Jeremy Kramer

“I got into printmaking because I was interested in design,” says Hickle. “To have all of that under one roof, it’s something I wanted for a long time.”

The Walnut Street location also affords creative therapy, providing storefront space where they can sell merchandise and show off their own projects. All the attire is American made and designed and printed in-house, with the built-in benefit of sidewalk advertising for potential clients or collaborations (like those they’ve done with ArtWorks, People’s Liberty, and Great Oaks). No more hiding in plain sight.

 Photography by Jeremy Kramer

Photography by Jeremy Kramer

“As much as we can, we have our door open,” says Hickle. “It’s just rad to stop and talk to someone who’s curious or interested, because you never know where that will lead.”

In the market for a singular custom T-shirt? The shop’s new One Off design kiosk (also online) lets you design a shirt to your liking and pick it up in the store. You can even watch them print it.

 Photography by Jeremy Kramer

Photography by Jeremy Kramer

We Have Become Vikings, 1355 Walnut St., Over-the-Rhine,

Read more here