WHBV, No Age and V+V collaboration

We Have Become Vikings are proud to announce Los Angeles natives and Sub Pop band, No Age, are performing at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center (CAC) on Monday, September 9th, at 8pm as part of a collaboration between the band, Visionaries and Voices, CAC, and We Have Become Vikings. Opening the show is Cincinnati punk band, Vacation. This show is all ages. Tickets are $8 for CAC members and $14 for non-members, and can be purchased through the CAC website or by going directly to http://www.showclix.com/event/NoAgeCAC

No Age 175ct unreleased cassette tape w/WHBV and V+V

No Age 175ct unreleased cassette tape w/WHBV and V+V

No Age, a critically acclaimed experimental punk band, will be playing songs from their fourth and newest full-length album, An Object. Unique to this performance in Cincinnati will be a stage installation by Visionaries and Voices artists Curtis Davis and Kevin White along with Krista Gregory and two pieces of merchandise only available for sale at the show. Attendees will be able to purchase a limited edition No Age cassette featuring cover art by V+V artist, Dale Jackson, as well as a poster designed by We Have Become Vikings, V+V artists Kathleen Brannigan and Cathrine Whited, and screenprinted by Cincinnati’s Cryptogram Ink.

The event came together when the band’s booking agent contacted We Have Become Vikings and asked them to assist with setting up a show in Cincinnati. WHBV’s Jason Snell and Mike Gibboney approached Visionaries + Voices, a non-profit that provides artistic, cultural, and professional opportunities for artists with disabilities, and inquired about opportunities to collaborate. WHBV later approached the CAC and brought them on board as a partner in producing the event.

No Age poster by WHBV and V+V

No Age poster by WHBV and V+V

About No Age:

With An Object, No Age has forgone the straight and narrow route, landing in a strange and unexpected place, feet planted in fresh, fertile soil. This new LP finds drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt exploding from behind his kit, landing percussive blows with amplified contact mics, 4-string bass guitars, and prepared speakers, as well as traditional forms of lumber and metal. Meanwhile, guitarist Randy Randall corrals his previously lush, spastic, sprawling arrangements into taut, refined, rats' nests. Lyrically Spunt challenges space, fracturing ideological forms and complacency, creating a striking new perspective that reveals thematic preoccupations with structural ruptures and temporal limits.

About We Have Become Vikings:

We Have Become Vikings is a  group of rebels, rockers, thinkers and makers combining  strategy and design to help clients tell stories through any means possible. Moving across all media channels that best serve the problem, we combine ideation with design thinking to create a unique story that exceeds expectations. We work hard and play hard, and want to make kick ass work to further our never ending passion for art, music and design.

No Age poster by WHBV and V+V

No Age poster by WHBV and V+V

About Visionaries and Voices:

We represent our artists and provide them with studio space, supplies, assistance/support and offer a welcoming environment that encourages self-expression, collaboration, and growth.

No Age: http://www.subpop.com/artists/no_age

Vacation: http://vacationohio.blogspot.com/

Contemporary Arts Center: http://contemporaryartscenter.org

Visionaries and Voices: http://visionariesandvoices.com

We Have Become Vikings: http://wehavebecomevikings.com

Cryptogram Ink: http://cryptogramink.com


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